Talented Artist Colorizes Black And White Pictures To Create Incredibly Breath-taking Results

Many of us were born to parents of 1970s, and during that time all pictures were black and white. There were colored images, but they were only the kinds of paintings of artists and in the form of portraits drawn. Many advocate the fact that the black and white charm should remain as it is and that is to preserve the aura of the era and because the feeling and tone of the black and white image cannot be recreated. However, there is another block of people who believe just the opposite which is that they wish to see how that black and white world looks if given some color.


1. Mario’s 15th most noteworthy work is Laurel Hardy, 1953

We all have heard of Laurel and Hardy for their comedy. These two comedians were both English, and their full names are Stan Laurel and American Oliver Hardy. Their genre was slapstick, and they were the first duo to popularize the same. Below is a work of Mario Unger where he has restored the image of the comedians and colored it. The picture which Mario has chosen is one that was taken from the Laurel-Hardy tour of the United Kingdom. The original image is from 1953.

2. Mario’s second last most famous work is the Casablanca image from 1942.

Once again, we all know the movie Casablanca. It has been voted times and again and still as the holder of the award for one of the most notable films ever made. The cast was all icons, and writers who wrote this movie were all highly regarded. The history lovers would love the fact that this movie was released around the time that World war II was going on, and is a very romantic movie, and known widely in that genre. When we see the colored version of this image, it looks very beautiful and framed in a way that it seems the picture was colored from the start.

3. The next picture on the list is of Oscar Wilde from 1880.

Oscar Wilde was a poet and playwright from Ireland. Best known for his novel ‘ The Picture Of Dorian Gray’ the man was also very well known for certain other of his plays, and his epigrams. If we look at the colored image, it looks like it was shot for a fashion magazine. It is not just about the writer’s clothes, but also his personality that makes the colored image look otherworldly.

4. Walt Disney picture which was taken in 1931.

He was the man behind the animation of all times, and his full name is Walter Elias Disney. He changed the whole culture of his times with his work. He won 22 Academy awards. The image that has been chosen by Mario Unger is the Walt Disney’s image with his cat where he is showing his work of Mickey Mouse to his pet cat. Why Unger chose this picture is because he wanted to give tribute to the man and company which were the first behind the creation of fully colored full feature lengthy cartoons. The company was called Disney Company, and from 1931 to 2019, everyone has heard the name of the company of billion dollar talent.

5. Maud Wagner picture from 1905.

Maud Wagner’s full name is Maud Stevens Wagner. She was an American from Kansas City. She performed in the circus during her lifetime, and to be specific she was an aerial artist, and she did contortions. She married in 1904, and her husband thought of himself as the most artistic man in America during his time. The lady loved her man’s tattoos. She then learned how to make symbols, and after that, the man and wife duo have gone down history as those who made a tattoo island away from the coastline.

6. Mulberry Street NY in the 1900s.

Mulberry Street is part of Manhattan city and known there as the portion of Little Italy. This is about the time of the late 19th and 20th century. The most happening area there was the Mulberry Bend. This region has always been the historically important, and also part of the infamous Five Points. There are smallest details in the image, and it took the artist around weeks of time to fully color and restore. The picture was as if incomplete when it was black and white, and the color has added a layer to it which was missing before. The details being the colors that people are wearing, what they are selling on their carts, the color of food, and the mahogany color, and how the buildings look after coloration.

7. Mark Twain

Mark Twain is the most favored author of many. Along with being an American writer, he was also a publisher, an industrialist, a businessman, and his genre of writing was mostly humor. He was also well known for satire, and for being available of a witty comment. His two books which gained much fame were the 1876 book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and the sequel 1885 book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. He was a very successful man who made friends only with leaders, presidents, and other entrepreneurs. The colored restored work shows the man’s clothes, his white hair, and other men who look like neighbors and followers.

8. From hell to heaven clicked in 1933

From hell to heaven is the name of a movie that reached the theatres in February of 1933. The film was from the drama genre and was an American movie. The actress shown in the picture is Adrienne Ames. The colored and restored image is breathtaking. The model now looks completely digital. It is a scene from the movie from where this picture originally comes. The actress looks so beautiful that it seems like a mystery how it ever happened. There looms a black shadow in the photograph which has also been redone by our artist.

9. Evelyn Nesbit 1990

She is an American who has donned many hats such as that of an artist who modeled and acted. She has always been in the news for her natural beauty, and her figure. The husband of this damsel shot and killed Stanford White. The crime was committed on the roof of the Madison Square Garden on the day of June 25 th of 1906, and that is when the news of this high profile crime affected the actress too. The perpetrator of the crime was a multimillionaire. The image is surreal with the blonde hair, the rosy lips, the purple gown, and the white clothing with the actress sitting on a wooden chair.

10. A couple from Texas.

Our artist whom we are showcasing has done a great job of color on this image. Why it is being called brilliant is because the image is torn and has a droplet of tear which would have been very tough to recreate. It was more or less a destroyed image, and the artist has done a fantastic job at recreating it. Now, the picture looks even better than the original. The original was very old, and one character of the three people in the film could be barely seen, and it is purely a great work of art- this restoration.

11. Walter Catty Allen, 1900s

English fishers are always mysterious in a good way, and the artist whom we are showcasing must have thought the same when he decided to recreate the image of an ordinary man on an average day. The painting dated back 1900s and was black and white just like all other pictures that have been restored. The photographer was Olive Edis. The name of the fisherman has also been restored, and he was called Walter Catty Allen. The man in the image looks just like any fisherman would- old and jaded, but with meaningful blue eyes, graying hair and he wears a common man dress of an old pullover, and a blue shirt — an authentic picture that brings back the man to life.

12. Albert Einstein portrait from 1947.

Mario Unger did a great job the moment he decided to restore an old picture of Albert Einstein, one of the most noteworthy men to have walked the face of Earth. Mario, our artist, took a 1947 image of the Germany born scientist ( to be exact a theoretical physicist) and colored the same. Einstein was more than sheer brilliance. This man was not just brilliant he was pure brilliance, and his formulae E= mc2 made him a Nobel prize winner in 1921. This equation is the mass-energy formula still taught in schools worldwide. The man whose photo has been recreated and restored is epic to use slang. His kitty holds 300 scientific papers and 150 research papers that are not science. Albert Einstein found the theory of relativity which no scientist in the last 100 years has been able to overthrow.

13. Egonn Schiele image from 1914.

This man is a painter and started as early as childhood as a protégé of Gustav Klimt. He is rightly called a protégé because it was only in early of the 20th century that he became a well-known painter. His main subject was sex. When you look at the original picture, and the restored picture side by side you also see Mario Unge’s talent. Unge has not just colored the black and white but added a name and year 1914 logo at the bottom, and given the image a background of huts and paints, another remarkable difference you would see in the original, and the remodeled one is that the subject’s shirt has been given colors. When you look at the restored image, you feel the eyes staring back at you.

14. Grace Kelly

Hollywood is classical, and Grace is the 13 th most classic women who have been female stars on classical Hollywood cinema. She started acting at the age of 20 when the year was 1950. Grace stopped doing the same ( acting ) as early as 26. During her time, she won an Academy Award, a golden globe award, and also was noted critically for her work. She found someone befitting of her when she decided to marry Prince Rainier III and became a princess officially. The blonde hair, the blue eyes, the lip color, the color of the face, the jewels, the dress color, and the fur have been done nicely by Mario.

15. The most unexpected and most expected name of the list – Young Charlie Chaplin 1908

That era was silent, and so was Charlie Chaplin. His mustache was toothbrush style, but when we add color to the picture thought Mario the picture looks unbelievably different, and that was precisely what Mario wanted. One cannot take out the history out of the film and also the context when it is Charlie Chaplin one is talking about. Mario invested days just coloring the image. Mario has given Charlie slight black hair, a black beard, a striped blue and white shirt, a brown coat which looks relative to his means and sparkling ocean blue eyes with lines around the eyes. Unrecognizable is the word.