Easy Make Up Tips For Women With Dark Skin Complexion

Best thing that has taken place over the last few years is that women with dark complexion are no longer struggling with how to apply makeup, and now there are 1000s of styles and products made just for these bronze and beautiful women. Let us see how to be flawless in the skin, and fashionable in mind.


1. Moisturize as much as you wish.

Moisturizing solves the dryness issues. Hydrated skin is just beautiful, and there is no better word for it. To add to the same effect, do drink many liquids which have no soda and no alcohol content.

When you have moisturized to your heart’s content, then the next step is a primer. This is the step precedent to the foundation, and powder so that makeup mixes smoothly, and one sees no patch marks or irregularity on the face.

What sort of a moisturizer to buy depends on what problem you are trying to solve. There is a right moisturizer for every skin if you know where to buy, The cream of choice would be something that adds shine because of Vitamin E, and something that leaves a wake of freshness, and cooling mint kind of feel on the body without causing any harm or without causing zero damage.

2. Now, it is the turn for the foundation.

The foundation should be your complexion’s exact match. If your skin is affected with pigmentation, then you can opt for more than one color shade from the palette. Always blend well, or it looks garish and fake. The best makeup should always look like you have applied no makeup and the term for it is, ‘ no makeup look.’ When you have used mascara and primped yourself, it is the best form of powder and no makeup look. It looks a class apart.

3. Eye Makeup

Eye makeup can be your forte and winning point if you are dark skinned. One can add attention to the eyes with bold colors such as even gold or bronze. One can also use shimmer for the whole eyelid with a darker brown or grey shade to highlight the crease of the eye and your laugh lines. You will be wearing mascara without which no eye makeup is complete, and none can pull off eyeliners like a dark complexioned woman, and if one is feeling experimental then use colored eyeliner.

4. Bronzer – the other highlight of the makeup.

When a lady is done with the above steps and is headed towards one of the last steps then comes the bronzer. Now, there is a need for a proper brush to apply the same. With this brush, you should use the bronzer. Mostly to be used on cheekbones and along the outer curve of the face. Not only the front, one should buy bronzers for body and legs as well. One thing to bear in mind is to choose a sheer one and not matte. We are not accentuating the color; we are accentuating your glow.

5. Blush

Here, one needs a medium brush for application. Make a fish face to highlight the cheeks, and add a cream based blush below the chosen area and remember to blend the best possible way.

There are colors known as blind scores which go well with brown skin. The color of the year is terra cotta. The application is to be lovely because there is little difference in looking classy and looking plastered. This will do well, and you can move with your head held high and name your skin, ‘ caramel’ instead of being called a black, brown, orange woman or a woman of color.

6. Lipsticks

The suggestion is to stick to red. This is the color where East meets West. Another such shade is nude lips in peach. Nude shades would never disappoint. It looks like a dream come true as far as women of color are concerned. Do not apply anything glossy, though a lot of dark women carry it off with aplomb. Lipsticks are narrowing the gap between white and black color complexions, and remain the same for both classes of women for the most part. Lipsticks thus are the unity in diversity among beauty products.