15 Things That Can Help You When You Have Worst Headache

If someone were to study a large population and ask them if they ever got a terrible headache, then the answer would be a yes. A problem can be mild which leads to irritation or strong and unnerving and making you wish you could get some immediate relief or just some sleep. What can someone possibly do in this sort of a situation?


1. Rest is foremost.

Just lie down in that part of your room where there is some sun pouring in, and open the blinds and alternate between closing your eyes and opening them between intervals so that you could find some rest. Maybe, you could put on some music with nature sounds, and let your mind seep away all worries.

Some people like cold more, and that works very well too. These people can apply some ice pack, or cooling face pack, and lap up the feeling of well being. It is very psychological – a headache! This is a well-known method called the temperature cure.

2. Weather shield yourself.

We all have our favorite temperature. So, turn on the air conditioner or the heater – whichever goes with your health and mood.

3. Take a Hot beverage.

Get a well-meaning person to cook you a hot beverage such as coffee or tea. Get served in bed, and drink up slowly or quick whichever suits you more. Then in between go around placing the warm mug on your forehead for relaxation. Do the same for the neck region; a warmed up neck region means comfort for most people.

4. De-stress.

Call up a trustworthy old friend, and talk it out -whatever is troubling you, and then let them purr you into comfort zones, and unwind and de-stress. This will take away half of your worries.

5. Take a Fruit diet.

Out of all the food that I trust, I trust fruits the most. Eat fruits with high water content and at the same time something filling for instance bananas, and watermelon.

6. Pressure.

Letting your hair down, or tying a tight pony can also affect a headache. Try something with just right pressure to go with your lessening or increasing headache.

7. Lights, and ambiance.

We all secretly know our comfort ambiance. Suit yourself.

8. Throw away the chewing gum.

Many believe that chewing gum means reduced headache, but that is not all that true. Spit it out, and rest your mouth.

9. No alcohol.

Lessen your alcohol content, or you would be making matters worse. More alcohol with a headache means a puking sensation.

10. Shower, and fragrance.

Some people like and adore showers. The suggestion here is that you add some essential oils to your water, and let the magic work. Heat the water first to either warm conditions or sauna conditions. The best of the kind is peppermint oil. One more shower remedy that one would suggest is Epsom salts. Contrast showers also work. This implies one hot bath followed by a cold shower, and a cold shower followed by a hot shower.

11. Drive.

When the weather is pleasant then it becomes a good idea to take the car for a spin and inhale some wind, the air is fragrant during that time, and it might just make all your headache away. If you are not driving for fun then only sit in the front seat of the car.

12. Vitamins.

If you wish to pop a pill, then let that be vitamins. Those invigorate all your body and promote a feeling of wellness, and happiness too if you just let it.

13. Fragrances.

Sometimes we are inclined to believe that strong smells would lessen the pain, but it is not always true. It might bring in nausea so do not experiment unless you like getting high on fragrances. If you love smelling petrol, you might just also like the strong smell is my guess, but you should try and refrain.

14. Get a message.

Get a masseuse to come to your home, and press your feet and legs, maybe even arms, and hands with some old school oil so that your body relaxes and you can sleep. Get up early afterward as long sleep might add drowsiness to a headache.

15. Do something you love.

Last, of all, do something you enjoy even if everyone else talks against it. For instance, check up on everyone on Facebook, and have a jolly good time doing the same such that you forget a headache.