9 Ways To Be More Supportive To Your Partner

Staying connected and nurturing the relationship together is the most important factor every couple must follow. However, there are times when misunderstanding creeps in, and there are periods of silence between the couple. This creates a vacuum in the relationship which threatens to blow off their intimate cover. To continue being supportive of each other, there are the nine golden rules to keep in mind, let’s make a note of them below.

1. Listen intensively

When you spend alone time together, put your phone down, and make real conversations. Talk about your fears, future, and failures openly. Make a positive connection with your significant other on an emotional and mental level. Be a good listener; enrich the bond with guidance and understanding.

2. Make your partner top Priority

Being selfish is out of the question when you are in a committed relationship. Put your partner’s needs and wants ahead of yours in a healthy way. Is there a particular place they wish to go? A particular hobby they wish to attend together? Favorite restaurant to check out, etc. Make their wishes and dreams come true; doing special things for your loved one is always romantic and keeps the passion alive.

3. Laugh everyday

Crack jokes, play goofy and enjoy each other’s company daily. Do not turn your relationship into a serious marathon. Having a sense of humor is attractive; the ability to make someone laugh breaks down barriers.

4. Pay attention

While courting its easier to note adorable habits your partner has and over a period of time you tend to forget about them. Continue to compliment the cute things your loved one does to make them feel appreciated. Pay close attention to their likes and dislikes. It shows that you care about their well-being.

5. Help frequently

Offer your shoulder when they are down, fix things around the house without your partner having to remind you, play chauffeur to them when in need and help around in the kitchen. These little things go a long way in maintaining trust in relationships.

6. You are a team

As the couple shoulder the responsibilities equally, split the bills, do the groceries together, invest in schemes together, and care for the children uniformly. If problems occur in the marriage, do not blame each other instead find dynamic solutions as a squad. You can play leader outside, but in a relationship, it always takes two to tango.

7. Accept failures

Failures are not permanent. If earlier you have not supported your partner, then you can always apologize and tackle your mistakes. Keep things human and not on an unnatural expectation level.

8. Learn to agree

It is okay to -say, “Yes, honey, you are right.” Do not go after the satisfaction of your ego and never keep yourself in an aloof pedestal. If your partner gives suggestions to improve take it sportingly. Never make your relationship an endless competition about who is right and who is wrong.

9. Be Honest

Keep an open mind and conversation when you discuss your future and goals. Learn to speak the truth in love; never keep your love in the blindspot. It will only cause pain to you as a couple if you harbor secrets within the relationship.

Be supportive of one another and develop a relationship based on positive action rather than just words.