10 Destructive Foods you Need to Avoid when you have Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Most of the people do not take the condition of ‘Acid Reflux,’ to be cautious. Those who are not much disturbed with their routine, do not really care about it. But the pain is for those who literally feel the discomforts like severe burning in the chest, sleep disturbances, irksome tastes in the mouth along with the extreme condition of stomach bloating.


1. Meat, in general

All the tasty bites of chicken, fish, lamb and even beef, are not considered to be good for the people suffering from acid reflux. Since these foods are rich in fat, avoid them statutorily. Instead, you can replace them with other best options like going for sprouts and soy proteins. But if you are the person who cannot sacrifice eating meats, you may go for meats of low fat. Cook them well and make a habit of chewing them really well, since it helps in quick digestion. You may also choose fish varieties that are of fresh water.

2. Fatty Food like Dairy Products

The most important foods that you need to avoid, apart from meats, are the dairy products. Many researchers have declared that the people experiencing acid reflux and heartburn should not consume high fatty foods like butter, cheese, and all other dairy products. These foods are the top contributors to conditions like obesity and acidity symptoms. With the extreme end, you may take low fat processed cheese, if you really cannot avoid them.

3. Say No to Avocadoes

Yes, you have heard right. You need not go by enjoying this nutritional fruit even. Although they are one among the best and healthy food, they have a high content of natural fats. This fat may also trigger the severity of acid reflux symptoms. Ultimately, it is better for the people enduring the pain of acidity and heartburn may stay away from this fruit.

4. No more Chocolates

Who are not fond of chocolates? But it is a true statement that one should avoid eating lots of chocolates when he/she is experiencing the indications of acid reflux. These tasty bits contain a high concentration of caffeine and a compound called ‘theobromine’ that will tend to tighten the muscles of the esophagus and alternatively, stimulates the condition of acid reflux. Moreover, the cocoa present in the chocolates increases the production of the acids in the stomach. So the next time when you grab a piece of chocolate, you must also beware of the symptoms of acid reflux.

5. Of course, No Coffee

The caffeine present in the coffee makes it unsuitable for the people having acid reflux and heartburn issues. It is, of course, another true statement for the people who love their bed coffees. If you experience acid reflux condition, then to avoid this hot brown drink. The content present in the coffee lowers down the pressure of esophageal sphincter and eventually causes the heartburn. Since they also sprint up the process of gastric emptying, one should stay away from such drinks including sodas.

6. Fruits containing Citric Acid

The people with heartburn and acid reflux problems should not take fruits such as oranges, sweet limes, and lemons. The citric acid in such fruits is high in concentration. They do disturb the digestive tract and increase the excess production of the acids in the stomach. So try in-taking fruits that are not acidic and stay away from citrus fruits.

7. Foods those are too Spicy

Consuming spicy foods is just like taking high-fat content foods. They are among the ones, which can trigger the conditions of acid reflux. In-taking spicy food with high amount of chili powder is always not recommendable, especially for the people suffering from heartburns. It would be better if they switch to spices like sea salt, ginger, and cinnamon, which would be yet beneficial for their overall health.

8. Skip Tomatoes

If you are the one who loves ketchup and tomato soups, then it is time to sacrifice them too. When you are suffering from acid reflux symptoms, it is preferable to skip tomatoes even. They have acid constituents that alleviate the lower esophageal sphincter. They do the same harm as the chocolate does. So the people with heartburn issues and acid reflux condition are advised to stay away from tomatoes.

9. A huge amount of Meals

Many people have the habit of in-taking spicy and heavy meals, just before bedtime. This state shoots up the pressure of the ‘lower esophageal sphincter muscles’ and ultimately increases the acid production to enter the esophagus. It is illiberally prescribed for the people experiencing acid reflux, not to prolong the habit of consuming huge meals before bedtime. Instead, you can take healthy and less amount of your dinner meal and then go to bed only after 2-3 hours.

10. No Cheers, No Alcohol

The intake of alcohol relaxes all of the muscles of our body including the ‘lower esophageal sphincter muscles.’ With this, the production of the acid by the stomach gets stimulated. Thus, the condition of acid reflux is generated. Hence, it is best to completely avoid the consumption of alcohol that in due course, would make you get rid of acid reflux in total.