19 Hacks That Can Make Life Easier For Any Woman

1. You can make use of few rubber bands for the doors to prevent it from closing hard. These bands could save your kid’s fingers that may accidentally get injured during when the doors close at a warp speed due to a draft.

2. You can just stick a soft tab on the walls to prevent the damage of your car doors while you open. These tabs serve its best usage when stuck on the garage walls where your car is used to park and frequently opened.

3. Just like a miracle, you can remove all your kid’s wonderful artistic ability from your walls. You need to use a degreasing agent or KH7 to clean all such surfaces from paints.

4. When you have a gummy stuck on your carpet, you can easily remove it by making it freeze first. When it attains the freezing point, the gum loses its sticking ability and comes out of the carpet with just a single pull.

5. If you feel that nail holes on your walls are not necessary anymore and if it really makes an untidy look, you may rub a soap bar over it until the hole fills completely.

6. When your old furniture loses its shine, you can make them glow again like a brand new piece, by just rubbing a soap bar over them.

7. Make the habit of using a rubber band when you start screwing a nail or screw, on any surface. Before hammering or drilling a screw, you need to place a rubber band over the screw, which would help you make it sit in a position, without wobbling.

8. You can make use of tape bands while you paint walls. When you have fear that the paint would spread and give a messy appearance, then you need to stick these tape bands over the area where you need not paint, and start painting the other areas. Finally, you can remove the tapes and get a perfectly painted area with a professional finish.

9. When you find difficult to enter the screw in a hole, you can soak them in a nail polish liquid. This will help the screw slide into the hole easily with minimal effort.

10. You may sometimes hear some kind of squeaky sounds from the hinges of your doors. In that case, grease those hinges with some drops of machine oil and you will hear no such annoying sounds from the doors anymore.

11. The door handles of your kitchen cabinets may easily damage other adjacent doors or any appliances kept by the side of it. Under these circumstances, just put few drops of silicone on the ends of those door handles. They will further not damage or scratch anything next to them.

12. When you see lime on the showerhead of your bathroom, you may try cleaning them with a mixture of vinegar and hot water. Fill a polythene bag with this liquid, tie it over the showerhead, and leave overnight. The showerhead would look as shiny as it was when new.

13. Another method to get rid of the squeaky sound of door hinges is to sprinkle some talcum powder over them.

14. When you are worried about cleaning pet’s hair that is spread all around your home, then here is one clear solution for it. Use a crystal brush to clean your pet’s hair easily from the floors.

15. When you are tired of hiding holes on your walls, then here is a unique solution for it but with a minimal effort. Just paint the walls, which contain numerous holes with a wax-based paint. It would completely fill in the holes and make it look plain and of course great.

16. It is bit difficult to clean the floors made of hardwood. Use the mixture of lemon juice and fabric softener to rub over them and thereby, you will get a sparkling clean wooden floor.

17. When you see constant dust particles affixed on your television screen, there is no great solution other than lemon juice. Soak the wiping cloth with some lemon juice and clean the TV screen. You will get rid of tough dirt and it will keep your screen free from such particles for over a period of time.

18. Sometimes, your microwave oven may smell bad due to various other remains of food particles or due to its continuous usage. In that case, you need to cook a glass filled with lemon juice and cinnamon powder for about 5 minutes. This would eliminate all those ugly odors.

19. In order to retain the shine and make your bathroom lime-free, you can make use of lemon to rub on everything and attain a clean gleaming bathroom interior. You can cut a lemon into half and start rubbing on all the surfaces. Wash off after a while. Herein, you get your cleansed and polished bathroom.