What the color of our urine indicates about our health?

Our body is very complicated to understand. Physically, if we feel weak, we know that something is wrong with our body. But there are a lot of other things that happen inside our body. To decipher our health in a perfect way the best thing you can do is take a look at the color of your urine. Generally, it is a taboo to talk about the color of urine. When we make a visit to the doctor, the doctor will always question the amount of water consumed, the number of times you have urinated, etc. They will never talk about the color of the urine.


1. Transparent urine

If you have clear urine, you might be suffering from over-dehydration. Considering the health status, there is no problem. But for the long-term concern, over-dehydration can affect the chemical balance in your body. The thing is that if the water is present in your body in extreme amounts, the much-needed minerals and salts by the body will get diluted and there will be a disproportion in the chemicals present in the blood.

2. Pale color

Having pale color urine is a good sign. Pale color urine means that your body is functioning pretty well and normally. You are living a healthy life, and you have nothing to be worried about.

3. Yellow color

Again yellow color is not a concern for anyone. It is because of the breakdown of the red blood cells. This is caused because of the waste products. So, if you have yellow color urine, you are perfectly fine.

4. Dark yellow

the Dark yellow color of the urine indicates that you need to drink up a little more water since you are a tad bit low on water quantity.

5. Honey color or amber color

If your urine is of honey or amber color then it means that you need to gulp down loads of water. This is basically a sign of dehydration in your body. This often happens in the rare of the rarest cases. To take care of the water consumption problems you can download applications on your mobile phone that will remind you to drink water at appropriate intervals. Further, you are supposed to drink 8 liters of water daily.

6. Red color urine

Red color urine amounts to blood in excretion of wastewater. This is not a healthy situation and needs to be given proper attention and medication. The condition of the blood in your urine is known as hematuria. There are a lot of causes for this problems. You might be suffering from benign. There is blood because of some infection, kidney stone, tumor or infection in the urinary tract. This can also be because of the problem in your prostate gland. It is advised to get this checked by your doctor immediately.

7. Blue color

If your urine is blue then it might be because of the presence of dye in certain food products. However, this condition is termed as familial hypercalcemia. It is also known as the blue diaper syndrome. Blue diaper syndrome occurs when there is an incomplete intestinal breakdown of tryptophan. Tryptophan is a dietary supplement. There is a need to visit the doctor under this condition.

8. Dark brown or black color

If the color of the urine is dark brown or black, then you really need to visit a doctor on a priority basis. It should be noted that the cause of this color of urine can be phenol poisoning or melanoma. However, there are other symptoms, that you need not be worried about such as fava beans, aloe, and rhubarb.