15 Simple And Easy Hairstyles For An Amazing Look On A Lazy Day

With our hectic schedules, we hardly have time to look presentable and create a perfect hairstyle. The thing is, if we are stepping out, it is utterly important to look presentable. Not everyday, is a good hair day. Plus, we hardly have time to curl or straighten our hair. For this purpose, here in this article, we have curated some of the easy hairstyles to get through the day and look presentable, without putting in a lot of effort.


1. The effortless chignon

Start with rolling your hair from both the sides and then tie it in a low ponytail. Then at the start of the ponytail, create a hole and wrap up your hair in that hole. You can secure the leftovers with a Bobby pin and use some hairspray.

2. Twisted sides

This is a convenient yet super attractive hairstyle. Take a section of your hair from one side and twist it. Pin it in the middle of your back head. Repeat the same thing from the other side and tuck it inside the other section. Then secure it with a Bobby pin. You are good to go.

3. Modify your ponytail

If you want to give your monotonous ponytail hairstyle a little twist, simply french braid side section and pull it up in a ponytail. Take a strand of hair and wrap it over your hair tie to conceal it.

4. Bun it up

What you can do is tie your hair in a doughnut bun and leave the sides of the hair hanging. Braid the two sides and then wrap them around the bun. A boring bun converted into a round and gorgeous hairstyle.

5. Pin up the twist

An extremely easy hairstyle. All you need to do is side part your hair and twist the front of the hair. Pin it up on one side. Secure the side with a Bobby pin. You can also create a triangle using two Bobby pins. To add in a bit of glitz, you can use colored or metallic Bobby pins. In case, you have straight hair, just tease it before pinning up the hair for volume.

6. Side swept look

Take your hair on one side and then clip a chunk of hair, near the nape of the neck. Simple yet appealing hairstyle.

7. Use a headband

For this hairstyle, all you need is a headband. Wear it and then take one side of hair and wrap it around the headband, till the middle section of your head. Then repeat the step from the other side. From the front you can leave out fringes.

8. Bow on your head

Rather simple hairstyle, just tie all your hair in a bun and loose a strand of hair. Then divide the bun in two sections and pull over the loose strands of your hair. Tuck it up using a Bobby pin. Let out some strands of your hair to give it a rather messy look.

9. Simple head band

For a bohemian look, take a head band and wear it. Let loose your hair and voila! You are good to go.

10. Easy curls

If you want to curl your hair in five minutes, use this technique. Tie your hair up in a ponytail and then curl the strands of your hair. Pull out the hair tie and then shake them a bit. You will get wavy curls in a blink of an eye. Just add in some hairspray, so that your curls are intact for long.

11. Voluminous ponytail

For this purpose, part your hair in two sections and then tie it up. Give a little bit of volume to the first ponytail by teasing it a little bit. Cover the second ponytail with the first one.

12. Giving your bun a makeover

If you are bored of the regular buns, you can use a bow tie at the end of the bun. You can also tie a scarf around your bun or use a headband. This will give a twist to your otherwise boring bun hairstyle.

13. Headband tuck

Using a headband, you can tuck in the entire hair in it, to get an amazing hair up look for those classy dinner dates.

14 Loopy hairstyle

Gather all your hair to one side and tie it in a ponytail. Then make a hole and turn your hair from inside the ponytail hole. Tighten it up a bit and at the end, tie another elastic. Just 2 inch below it make another hole and tuck in your ponytail. Keep doing this, until you reach the end of your hair. This will give your ponytail a braided yet loopy look.

15. Knotted ponytail

For this hairstyle, you need to create some grip in your hair by adding some mousse to it. Then make a knot and tie the base of the knot using an elastic. Let the ponytail flow. Tease your hair a bit to add in volume to your ponytail.