Effective Ways To Solve Toddler Tantrums

As a child, all of us have had our share of child tantrums. Think about the times when you used to cry over the bedtime or not munching onto food. There were times when we used to crib over stupid things as a child. So, a lot of researchers tried examining the reason behind child tantrum. It came to light that the logical part of the brain is not appropriately developed until the age of 25.

1. A jar to calm them down

The motive behind having a calm down jar is to mellow down your toddlers and then explain them the issue. While the toddler is throwing tantrums, the emotional quotient of the kid is really high. So, the jar will actually give them a brief moment to calm down and take control of the raging emotions. After that, you can empathize with them and clear off the issue.

2. Hug your kid

When your kid really wants something and is throwing a tantrum, just hug him or her. When you will wrap your hands around them and will snuggle them, the disorganized emotions will be in line again and will show your control over the child. Hug will mellow down their feelings and will give them a sense of control.

3. Laugh it out

When there is a sense of humor involved in this situation, it will relax your child and will help them let out the stress. While you are laughing your head out, endorphins will be released in your system. This helps in relaxing you and removing the stress in any situation.

4. Set expectations

Toddlers function in an organized way, when they know, what lies ahead. For instance, inform your toddler that you will be sitting at the table in 10 minutes to eat supper. Repeat his line after 5 minutes, and again when the time to eat has already come. Kids are way too cooperative when they are well-versed with the plan of action.

5. Handing over a glass of water

When you want your kid to calm down, take a moment to set the raging emotions in line, just hand over a glass of water to them. This will allow them to pause for a moment. After that, all you need to do is empathize with them and clear off the issue.

6. Deep Breathing

Breath, especially the deep ones help relax a person immediately. Apply this technique on your toddlers as well. The method of deep breathing is contagious, so initially, you start breathing deeply. After, some time the toddler will do the same thing. In case, the technique is not working, and then you can tell them to take deep breaths.

7. Empathy

Toddlers are really innocent. When they are throwing tantrums, the best way to ease them down is by empathizing. All you need to do is reflect the same emotions.